Is 5Dimes the sportsbook for you?

Hi. I'm Dan, and I've created this website as a resource for sports betters who are interested in betting online at 5Dimes Sportsbook.

If you're like me, you don't want to have thousands of dollars tied up in various sportsbook accounts. You're looking for one reliable, trustworthy sportsbook which can also offer the best odds, promotions and customer service.

Over the years, I've bet at most online sportsbooks. Pinnacle. Bodog. Betfair. Superbook. William Hill. Ladbrokes. I've bet all the major sports. NBA. NHL. MLB. NFL. Soccer. Hell, I've even wagered on Eastern German Handball on occasion.

Yet I keep coming back to 5Dimes. Granted, one reason is because I currently reside in the USA, and they are one of the only sportsbooks that accept Americans. However there are many other reasons I choose 5Dimes.

In my opinion, 5Dimes is quite simply one of the best sportsbooks online, whether you're a new better or experienced gambler. Their sportsbook is top notch with highly competitive lines, and they always have special promotions running like overnight 5 cent lines on baseball. 5Dimes also offer an online casino, poker room, lottery room and various skill games to keep you occupied. 5Dimes also offers an initial deposit bonus, various reload bonuses, and a reduced juice rewards program.

5Dimes also offers both e-mail and telephone support, as well as telephone wagering. Having dealt with their customer service a few times, I can tell you they are top notch. It's also great having the opportunity to call in your sports bets. Often I've went out to a bar with some buddies, saw a hockey game about to start and wish I had money on it. All I have to do is give 5Dimes a call, and I can have some action on the game within seconds.

So in short - yes, I think 5Dimes is the best sportsbook for you. No matter what country you are from, or what sport you are interested in, I would strongly recommend 5Dimes over every other sportsbook.

I've went into detail about the various offerings 5Dimes has below, with detailed reviews of their Sportsbook, Poker Room, jackpots and Casino, as well as a 5Dimes Betting Guide. However I also recommend checking out 5Dimes for yourself, specifically their awesome rewards programs, which really give back to us loyal players.Click here to visit 5Dimes.

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